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Kateřina Pospíšilová. World traveller

Successful international model and actress, who established a non-profit organization supporting artists e-moc-e 12 years age, is now moving to New York to continue her successful career. We have asked Katka about her plans in a short interview. 

Why did you decide to be part of a non-profit organisation e-moc-e 12 years ago?

When I won the first runner-up the Miss Czech Republic in 2006 I wanted to support artists. I did not know how but I knew why. I had a personal story that drove me so I was not shy about it and mentioned it everywhere I went.

Also, I studied at the State Prague Conservatory and had UMPRUM right next door, so I interacted with actors, dancers and artists on a daily basis. The topic has always been very close to my heart. The founder of e-moc-e, Milan Deutch finally heard me and invited me to participate in his project.

Did the success in the Miss Czech Republic change your life?

Of course it did – I became a public person – something I definitely was not ready for. However, this madness already started when I appeared on TV in Ordinace v ruzove zahrade as Nada Mazlova. I am very grateful for that opportunity because it enabled me to support and make a difference to projects I’ve been passionate about.

What do you consider the biggest success in your modelling career? participation in Fashion weeks?

John Galliano fashion show or Valentino are both for me very memorable. But the most extraordinary show was with South Korean legend Andre Kim since I got to meet him personally. Sadly he died a few years ago but he was a true fashion icon in this 52 million country.

Commercial for Coca-Cola, shooting for Elle, Style or commercial shoots with photographers such as Russel Wong or Simon Upton were also highlights in my career.

It is never really about the job but more about the people I  meet that influence me in my career and life in general.

In the last six years you’ve worked in the UK in the design business. What is your role? 

Yes, in the UK I started from the scratch. I was transferred to London with Lasvit, Bohemian glass manufacturer and worked in the design industry ever since. Three years ago, I set up my own company, digital marketing agency Coshamie where we help design brands grow online. Apart from that Coshamie is now also an established design Instagram influencer.

Do you have some favourite brands in design?

I love Italian brand Venini for their vases, Wallpapers by Fameed Khalique or Dedar and from Czech Design I own a beautiful set of whisky tumblers by Rony Plesl that my guests always adore. Most of my favourites are featured on Coshamie Instagram

Would you consider going back to full-time modelling?

Yes, indeed I’ve started getting some traction again so looking forward to exploring this more.

Thank you for your answers. And good luck! 

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milan • 18. 6. 2018

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